Vendor Managed Inventory and Value-Added Services For the Passenger Rail, Commuter Bus and Specialized Truck Industries

PWI Count Weight Boxing Bagging

Over 25 Year History Serving Railcar and Bus Manufacturers and Public Transit Agencies

PWI Services specializes in product distribution, inventory management, production kitting, component pre-processing and contract manufacturing for the transportation industry and public transit agencies.

Reduce lead time, and save money and high value employee time by letting PWI Services sweat the details of keeping materials and assemblies flowing to your production line. Contact Us or Phone 585-593-6645.

Specializing in the Public Transportation Industry

  • Passenger and commuter rail car manufacturers
  • Public bus manufacturers
  • Specialized truck manufacturers (fire, emergency)
  • Repair and refurbishment companies serving public rail and bus
  • Transit agency repair depots

Why Outsource Inventory Management?

  • Focus your materials management personnel on big ticket items.
  • Reduce material expiration losses
  • Prevent production line stoppages. Have materials ready when you need them.
  • Expand your manufacturing capacity without adding people
  • Handle order surges

Our Services

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management

  • Sourcing materials
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Purchasing, reordering
  • Maintenance of inventory levels to your specifications
  • Incoming inspection to your specs
  • Replenishment of Class ā€˜Cā€™ consumables
  • Management of expiration sensitive materials
  • Controlled storage of temperature sensitive materials
  • WIP kitting
  • JIT, Kanban part and kit delivery to your schedules

Value-Added Services

  • Material pre-processing for manufacturing such as cutting, slitting, counting, bundling
  • Manufacturing tasks such as sorting, labeling, bar coding assembly, bonding, painting,
  • Packaging tasks such as repair kits, count and bag,
  • Refurbishment of foam cushions for rail car and bus seating,
  • Refurbishment and manufacture of flexible HVAC duct assemblies
  • Electrical cable and harness assembly,
  • Fabrication of motor insulation materials,
  • Assembly of electrical components and kitting,
  • Assembly of window screens, passenger grab straps, custom sewing
  • Lighting fixture assembly
  • Sign production and assembly


  • Customer specified reports
  • Usage reports
  • Inventory level reports
  • Shortage notifications and action plans

Our Customers

Located along the Southern New York State Interstate 86 manufacturing corridor, Wellsville has been long associated with rail, bus and truck manufacturing. Among our customers are the following:

  • Aggressive Power Products
  • Alstom
  • Ansalda Breda
  • Bombardier
  • Caltrans
  • Cincinnati SORTA
  • Cleveland GCRTA
  • Edmonton ETS
  • Hitachi Rail
  • Lin Industries
  • Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, MARTA
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
  • Moltec International
  • New Jersey Transit, NJTransit Comet and Metro North
  • San Francisco MUNI, SFMTA
  • Siemens
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, SEPTA
  • Swiger Coil
  • Transitair
  • TTA Systems
  • Washington Metro WMATA