Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

PWI Cutting Foam
PWI Cut Foam in a Box

Services for Manufacturing, Materials Processing, Repair, Product Packaging

PWI Services would like to become your OEM outsource partner for filling production gaps stemming from labor shortages, order spikes, and constrained capacity. We offer a range of services for manufacturing, assembly, inspection and repair. Our capabilities cover mechanical, electromechanical and electronics products, as well as materials processing, product packaging, WIP kitting, drop shipment and order fulfillment.

Outsourcing to PWI Services permits you to:

  • Convert expenses from fixed to variable and only pay for work performed
  • Maintain on-time delivery with order surges
  • Free up floor space and employees for higher value activities
  • Continue growing as you reach internal capacity limits

When you work with us we treat your project as our own to become an extension of your team. We have a solid track record of competitive pricing, responsiveness, flexibility and high quality on all types of jobs, large and small. And by choosing PWI Services you will be recognized as supporting the local community by facilitating our mission of providing training and jobs to local community.

Our Services

  • Mechanical

    • Sawing, cutting
    • Rivet, screw, adhesives bonding
    • Secondary operations
    • Subassemblies
    • Finished assemblies
    • Electromechanical assembly
  • Electrical

    • Wire cutting and stripping
    • Terminals, connectors
    • Cable assemblies
    • Wire harnesses
  • Materials Processing

    • Material cutting & fabrication
    • Motor insulation fabrication
    • Foam cutting
    • Bonding & adhesives application
    • WIP material pre-processing
  • Final Product Assembly

    • Assembly
    • Painting
    • Labeling
  • Other Services

    • Inspection
    • Sorting
    • Testing
    • Rework, Repair
    • Returns processing
    • Disassembly for salvage & recycling
    • Ad hoc projects
  • Packaging

    • Options for various packaging types
    • Count & weight boxing and bagging
    • WIP kitting
    • Product kitting
    • Repackaging
    • Order fulfillment
    • Drop shipping
    • JIT & Kanban Shipping
    • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Sampling of Customers

    • Coogar Products LLC
    • The Gunlocke Company
    • Whirley Industries, Inc.
    • New York City Transit Authority
    • New York State Department of Health
    • New York City Bridge & Tunnel Authority
    • New York State Parks Dept.
    • NYS DOT
    • SUNY Brooklyn Medical Center Hospital
    • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (NYSDCJS)

Sample of Projects

  • Assembly of padded covers for toll plaza traffic control arms for the New York City Tunnel Authority

  • Production of padded seats for passenger rail cars.